Ministry of Defense Reg no - CS/11/PS/1/959/007/074 | Insurance Coverage For Public Liability Rs: 2.5m , Workman Coverage Rs; 6.5m | Services : Protect Persons and Properties, Personal Body Guards and VIP Protection, event security, Internal and Private Investigations, Information Gathering, Providing of Background Reports and Vetting Reports, Assist the Management in Controlling Troubled Situations, Threat Assessment/Solution, Supply and Managing Labors on Contract.


Manko security (pvt) Ltd company provides services with physical security needs with 24 hours round the clock supervision to commercial, industrial and residential institutions to protect persons and property, to prevent burglary, theft, robbery and to prevent pilferage and internal frauds and protection of VVIPs, VIPs. We also provide other security related services upon demands by the customers too.

Provision Of Guards To Protect Persons And Property With Round The Cock Supervision.

Our service providers are professional, well trained, and service oriented. They are devoted to providing customized private security services to ensure safest and most secure environment possible. We expect our service providers to protect your property and personnel with dedication, integrity and commitment.

Manko provides security for,

Personal body guards and VIP protection

The company also provides well trained ex-military officers as personal body guards and to cater for close protection assignments.

Event security

Since a decade Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd has offered elite event security services at competitive prices throughout the Island. Our event security professionals are specialist in handling all aspects of event security – crowd control, parking lot security, front door access, vehicle access, property surveillance and security planning – to ensure a safe, secure and pleasant atmosphere.

Internal and private investigations

Conduct investigation on incidents in commercial and personnel nature.

Miscellaneous services includes