Ministry of Defense Reg no - CS/11/PS/1/959/007/074 | Insurance Coverage For Public Liability Rs: 2.5m , Workman Coverage Rs; 6.5m | Services : Protect Persons and Properties, Personal Body Guards and VIP Protection, event security, Internal and Private Investigations, Information Gathering, Providing of Background Reports and Vetting Reports, Assist the Management in Controlling Troubled Situations, Threat Assessment/Solution, Supply and Managing Labors on Contract.

Pioneer of the security service providers in Sri Lanka

Safety and responsibility is the key which made us the pioneer of the security service providers in Sri Lanka. Out of everyone in the industry we identified a solid growth of our capacities in expansion due to the ethical behavior we had as a security company.

We treat our employees to strive to their best – as they protect your value!

There is no magical portion to become the pioneer security services provider in Sri Lanka. It is just because we did, we are doing and we will be doing the right thing at the right time and retain our professional standards in Manko Security.