Ministry of Defense Reg no - CS/11/PS/1/959/007/074 | Insurance Coverage For Public Liability Rs: 2.5m , Workman Coverage Rs; 6.5m | Services : Protect Persons and Properties, Personal Body Guards and VIP Protection, event security, Internal and Private Investigations, Information Gathering, Providing of Background Reports and Vetting Reports, Assist the Management in Controlling Troubled Situations, Threat Assessment/Solution, Supply and Managing Labors on Contract.

Leading Security Company in Sri Lanka

Our management and our teams on the field highly values the responsibility we hold as a leading security company in Sri Lanka. We safeguard the most valuables of our clients – their lives or their assets. In a way, we are assigned to have good faith on what we protect and act intelligently on sudden situations.

We have no competition among the leading security companies in Sri Lanka because we believe on safeguarding the TRUST our clients have on us. Our trained accredited staff on field and back office operations work to cater the best customer service as we understand the value you hold on safeguarding your loved ones and assets hardly earned.

Our security officers are supervised by an accredited security management consultant and Manko Security will receive the reports of all occurrences at your site. Tight and tough schedules are not what we train our security personals to be, but to preserve the goodwill we have as the leading security company in Sri Lanka.