Ministry of Defense Reg no - CS/11/PS/1/959/007/074 | Insurance Coverage For Public Liability Rs: 2.5m , Workman Coverage Rs; 6.5m | Services : Protect Persons and Properties, Personal Body Guards and VIP Protection, event security, Internal and Private Investigations, Information Gathering, Providing of Background Reports and Vetting Reports, Assist the Management in Controlling Troubled Situations, Threat Assessment/Solution, Supply and Managing Labors on Contract.

Manko Security (Pvt) Ltd is a limited liability company dedicated on provisioning security needs on omni-directional nature to a large span of customers in Sri Lanka is established in 2004. It brings totally new dimension and class to the arena of individual and corporate security needs in the country. Comprising of raring to go war hardened, proactive and ex-servicemen, Manko is the answer to tomorrows high end security today.


As the primordial factor of security solutions, we provide hyperactive, physically superior Management to tailor-made the customer demand and perceived security challenges. VIP protection, crowd access control, event management, total security solutions for any assignment big or small is our strength backed by our well trained service partners with ample experience in the security field.

Manko provide cost effective professional and reliable security to protect and secure your personnel and property. With our proactive approach to customer service, highly trained guards and complimentary security assessments, it is hard to find a better value for contract guard service than Manko Security.


Our Testimonial

  • "We are more than happy to have such a good protection as our security company. Their workforce to be friendly, helpful and most of all efficient. Definitely I would recommend Manko Security protection to any other business"

    -Mr. Saranga Dissanayake

  • "I have worked with Manko Security for years on various properties we managed. And it was proved, evident that Manko Security Service care about what they do, and that they care about the clients they serve"

    -Mr. Nalin D. Sliva

  • “I just wanted to thank Manko Security for sending such an amazing team out to help cover our event last week end. And I must say that they were extremely helpful, and one of the main reasons our event ran smoothly and was the success it was. Thank you and your team”

    -Mr. Indika Gunathilake

What We Do?

Security Firms in Sri Lanka

What would you look in, before you choose one from security firms in Sri Lanka? Does the legal framework, ethics and the background matters to you?

Out of the many security firms in Sri Lanka, Manko Security holds the solid and most professional track record on serving our clients. Our aims are different from the many security firms in Sri Lanka as we aim to flexible and meet your specific security requirements while abiding by the legislative limitations in Sri Lanka.

We are aware of the legal and commercial requirements of the security industry and we tend to excel ourselves within the boundaries. Yet, we handle situations and manage them effectively according to your requirement.

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Pioneer of the security service providers in Sri Lanka

Safety and responsibility is the key which made us the pioneer of the security service providers in Sri Lanka. Out of everyone in the industry we identified a solid growth of our capacities in expansion due to the ethical behavior we had as a security company.

We treat our employees to strive to their best – as they protect your value!

There is no magical portion to become the pioneer security services provider in Sri Lanka. It is just because we did, we are doing and we will be doing the right thing at the right time and retain our professional standards in Manko Security.

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Leading Security Company in Sri Lanka

Our management and our teams on the field highly values the responsibility we hold as a leading security company in Sri Lanka. We safeguard the most valuables of our clients – their lives or their assets. In a way, we are assigned to have good faith on what we protect and act intelligently on sudden situations.

We have no competition among the leading security companies in Sri Lanka because we believe on safeguarding the TRUST our clients have on us. Our trained accredited staff on field and back office operations work to cater the best customer service as we understand the value you hold on safeguarding your loved ones and assets hardly earned.

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Security Company in Sri Lanka

As a security company in Sri Lanka, we understand the vigilant alert that a guard should keep an eye on. After experiencing several serious concerns related to war and public theft we have identified what a security company in Sri Lanka should be skilled at.

Our guards are not stand alone ‘security guards’ as the public normally define. Our security professionals are well trained under perfect guidance on how to act accordingly in sudden occasions and trained to identify suspicious activities. Theft and Burglary is identified as a common concern where a security company in Sri Lanka should train the professionals to be alarmed on.

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Why You Choose Manko Security Sri Lanka ?

Manko Security Sri Lanka is the No. 01 security firm in Sri Lanka offering full-fledged services with trustworthiness, responsibility, care and dedication. As the pioneer of the Security service providers in Sri Lanka we have expanded our services on a diverse range of clientele in Sri Lanka since our inception in 2004. Out of the many leading security companies in Sri Lanka we tend to keep ourselves as the pioneer security services provider on uplifting the good faith by providing the maximum. Our clients range from individual high ranked personnel to providing corporate security needs in Sri Lanka.

Intellectual, clear thinking and clever ex-servicemen makes the dream of a secured Sri Lanka a reality ranking us among the best security companies in Sri Lanka. VIP protection, crowd access control, event management and complete security services are provided by us than all other security companies in Sri Lanka. The primary reason on marking us unique is the responsibility our security personnel hold in safeguarding the value of our protection.

Out of all security companies in Colombo we are the solid organization which values our customer feedback towards the services we render.

We are proud and grateful to place ourselves among the leading security companies of Sri Lanka – solely depending on our customer feedback. The improvements we have made since our inception at 2004 – are all according to the requirements of our customers and the changing environment in Sri Lanka.

The security standards should reach a higher standard and we are constantly educating our security personnel on new threats which could arise on their job role. The credibility we have earned is what we secure, when we secure your treasures as the Pioneer Security Service Provider in Sri Lanka.